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Israel Solidarity at TIOH

With the current situation in Israel, we are providing this page as a resource for upcoming events and other important information available during this time.

Quick links:
Israel Events | Talking to your children about war | Where to donate

Click here to share the names of loved ones who have been injured, fallen victim, or are missing because of the current terror in Israel so that we may keep them in our prayers. If any friends, family, or soldiers serving are now in Israel that are also on your mind and you want to share their names, we welcome that as well.

Send off words of support to Israeli soldiers during this difficult time. There will be a box in the TIOH admin office to drop off the letters for delivery overseas. (We ask that you keep the letter short and avoid discussing politics.)
A sample letter:
“Thank you for serving and protecting the land of Israel and the Israeli people during this time of greatest need. I am an American Jew living in Los Angeles, and I support you through every step of this long journey. As Americans, we are so proud of you and your fellow soldiers, and we will do everything we can to ensure the American government continues its unwavering support for Israel. 

Please stay strong and be safe, I know you will serve bravely and with compassion. As a community, we pray for your safety and for the safe return of all those being held hostage in Gaza. 
עם ישראל חי

Your friend,

(Sign your name)”


Kabbalat Shabbat with Rabbi Mari Chernow
Friday, December 1 at 6:30 pm
Join us for a special Shabbat service where Rabbi Mari will share her experience in Israel, as she returned from her trip the week prior.

On the Front Lines in Holon
Tuesday, December 5 at 12:00 pm
Join us for lunch with Galit Cohen-Kedem, rabbi of our partner temple Congregation Kodesh v’Chol in Holon, Israel. Learn with her about how their community navigates this moment and how we can be supportive. Click here to sign up.

How To Talk To Your Kids About The War In Israel
Wednesday, December 6 at 7:30 pm
What kinds of big questions do children and teens have about the events of October 7th and its aftermath? How can you have an age-appropriate discussion with your child about the war in Israel and Gaza and rising anti-Semitism around the world? What does it take for parents to speak with children in honest yet developmentally appropriate ways about difficult world events? Join us on December 6, 2023 when Sivan Zakai, Ph.D., award-winning author and Sara S. Lee Associate Professor of Jewish Education at HUC-JIR/Los Angeles moderates a discussion for parents.
Click here to find out when and where!

Chanukah Family Shabbat
Friday, December 6 at 6:30 pm
Come celebrate Shabbat and Chanukah with our TIOH Community. Bring your menorah and candles to light during services where your children will lead our community in Chanukah songs and prayer. Stay after for delicious Chanukah food and Israeli Dance with Orly Star! Click here to RSVP.


While not the topics we want to talk to our children about, it is important that we share age-appropriate information with them, recognize their reactions and respond to their questions.

Please see here for some guidelines in helping you:

·     Closely monitor and limit your child’s exposure to media coverage. These stories and images can be disturbing. Age and disposition should be taken into consideration before sharing any media coverage.

·     Do not shy away from discussions about the attacks. Sometimes, we think children do not know what is happening, but they are stunningly perceptive and can sense when things feel “off-kilter.” We suggest always following your child’s lead, and if they are curious, don’t fear having a family discussion. Open dialogue is crucial. 

·     As you speak about the event, please consider your child’s age and developmental stage. Click here for suggestions on how to talk to your children about war and terrorism in particular

·     Listen carefully to your child’s concerns with empathy and patience. Try to communicate that this incident is frightening and hard to digest for all of us. 

·     Reassure your child that they are safe at school (and home) and that we have a highly trained team of security professionals here to keep us all safe. 

·     Understand that each child’s reaction will differ. If your child seems preoccupied with the situation, please let us know (you can reach our staff at 323-876-8330). We are here to support your family. In the days to come, our faculty and staff will be very mindful and observant of our students and their responses to this event.


Make a contribution you find meaningful to provide Israel and those directly impacted by the violence with support and relief.·

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