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What Wakes You Up? | HHD 5782

Photo Project for the Jewish New Year

In preparation for 5782, we invite you to pull out your camera (or cell phone!) and capture a photograph in response to one or all of our prompts crafted especially for Elul, the 12th and final month in the Jewish calendar and a time when we reflect on where we stand and where we should be going.

If you live with several TIOH members, you can collaborate on one photo or each submit one. This is a community-wide, collaborative art project and everyone is welcome to participate! 

Here’s your first prompt from Rabbi Mari: 

“Wake, you sleepers, from your sleep! And you slumberers from your slumber!” —Maimonides, Hilchot Teshuva 3:4

According to Maimonides, this is the message of the shofar. Since last Rosh HaShana, we have fallen asleep. We may be somewhat present in our lives but we are not fully awake to the meaning and the purpose of our days. The blast of the shofar startles us so that we do not miss another minute. Reflection and teshuva are urgent matters. Wake up! Wake up!

Send something from your existing photo roll or shoot something new. Your photos will become part of an expansive piece of video art that will be shared during the High Holidays on campus and online. 

We can’t wait to see what you share!

Diana Wyenn Artistic Director, TIOH Arts & Culture
Zach Lasker Executive Director

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