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Visiting Scholars

Each Sunday, starting at 10:00 am at TIOH, we have a special guest lecturer. With four to choose from, you can go to one or all.

Sunday, March 12 – Dr./Rabbi Aryeh Cohen visits TIOH to teach with his talk “The Demon in the Study Hall and Other Surprising Tales of Receiving, Teaching, and Studying Torah.”

Sunday, March 19 – Rabbi Jonathan Bernhard visits TIOH to teach with his talk “Humans, Other Animals, and the Environment: Judaism and the Original Vision of Non-Violence.”

Sunday, March 26 – Rabbi Jocee Hudson visits TIOH to teach in her talk “Caves: And other Jewish spaces for spiritual retreat and transformation.”

Sunday, April 2 – Dr./Rabbi Jonathan Zasloff visits TIOH to teachPirkei Avot: What Does “All Israel Has a Share in the World to Come” Actually Mean?”

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