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TIOH Art Tour: Works of Josephus

  • Works of Josephus and Embassy of Philo Judaeus to the Emperor Cassius Caligula
  • H. Herringman, T. Baffet, and J. Robinson
  • Full calf binding, folio with plates and maps
  • London, 1683

The Works of Josephus: with Great Diligence Revised and Amended, according to the excellent French Translation of Monseiur Arnauld D’Andilly.  Also, the Embassy of Philo Judaeus to the Emperor Caius Caligula, was never translated before. The References of the Scripture, A New Map of the Holy Land, and divers Copper Plates, serve to illustrate the History.

This large leather-covered folio contains English translations of all known works of Josephus Flavius, the controversial 1st-century Judeo-Romano figure (traitor or patriot?) whose writings provide the most important surviving information about early Judaism. Josephus was born to a priestly family in Jerusalem in c.e. 38, became a commander of the Galilee, and eventually surrendered to the Romans after the city of Jotapata fell during the Jewish revolt of 66 c.e.  He acted as a spokesman for the Roman Emperor Titus. He tried to convince the Jewish rebels to lay down their arms. He subsequently went to Rome and wrote about the events he had witnessed; the revolt against Rome, the destruction of Judea and Jerusalem, and the burning of the Second Temple, in the Greek language of his captors.

Contained within the single volume are The Jewish War, Antiquities of the Jews, Against Apion, and his autobiography or Apologia. Also included is the account of Philo of Alexandria of his Embassy to Emperor Caius Caligula in 40 A.D. This edition was based on a translation from Latin and French by Thomas Lodge in 1602, revised and amended according to Monsieur Robert Arnauld d’Andilly in 1667. The volume was printed in London in 1683 on rag paper with a Foolscap watermark for H. Herringman, T. Basset, N. Ranew, R. Chiswell, J. Wright, and J. Robinson. The owner, Will Fowler, the signature is on the verso of the title page.

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