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TIOH Art Tour: Introduction


Temple Israel of Hollywood’s Judith & Bernard Briskin Judaica & Art Collection is renowned for its diverse range of Jewish fine art, ritual objects, and ancient relics. Pieces range in era from Ancient Roman to 17th Century to present day. The collection encompasses various mediums such as painting, sculpture, textile, ceramic, and metalwork. It includes works by established and emerging artists, reflecting a range of artistic styles and interpretations of Jewish themes and traditions. 

One of the strengths of the collection is a wealth of historical Judaica pieces that offer insights into the Jewish religious and cultural practices throughout history. These pieces include Torah breastplates and crowns, menorahs, mezuzahs, Haggadahs, and other ceremonial items. These artifacts provide a connection to Jewish traditions and serve as a testament to the rich heritage of Judaism. 

In addition to historical pieces, there is a broad focus on contemporary Jewish art. The collection features works by prominent Jewish artists from the 20th and 21st centuries, capturing the evolving nature of Jewish artistic expression. These works often explore Jewish identity, history, spirituality, and the interplay between tradition and modernity. 

The Briskin collection not only serves as a cultural and educational resource for the congregation but also attracts visitors from diverse backgrounds who are interested in Jewish art and culture. It is an important embodiment for the exploration and celebration of global Jewish artistic expression. 

We are grateful for the collection’s benefactors, Judith and Bernard z’l Briskin, who generously donated the collection to Temple Israel of Hollywood over a number of years. Judy and Bernie were longstanding members of TIOH, and Judy continues to be a member. The couple’s passion for Jewish art and culture is evident through their philanthropic endeavors – they dedicated their lives to preserving and promoting Jewish artistic expression, both contemporary and historical. Through their generosity, the Judith and Bernard Briskin Judaica & Art Collection has established a remarkable collection of Jewish art. Their contribution has made a lasting impact on the preservation and promotion of Jewish artistic heritage and ensures the continued vitality of Jewish art and culture for future generations. 

We give additional thanks to: TIOH community members, Larry Garf, Sara Guggenheim, Igael Gurin-Malous, Rabbi Jocee Hudson, Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh, Claude Morady, Tobey Moss, Andy Romanoff, Rabbi John Rosove, Bill Shpall, Melissa Sloan, Rob Spruijt and Rose Tully for their research and narration of a select number of works in the collection; former TIOH Teacher and Artist Larry Garf and Photojournalist Andy Romanoff for their beautiful photography; former TIOH Librarian and Conservator Melissa Sloan for her research assistance. 

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