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The TIOH Village: Starting a NEW TIOH community

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Dear TIOH members,

“It takes a village” captures our imaginations and hearts. This truism reminds us that we can help one another, learn from one another, share and have fun together, and sometimes, simply listen. 

Across the country, ambitious synagogues and churches are forming “Villages,” communities of congregants who are transitioning through chapters in life: retirement, “empty nesters,” newly single, recently relocated… and maybe even in need of at-home help. Challenging as these experiences may be, they also open opportunities for deep engagement, expansive connection, and active and nurturing prospects.

This Village would be a new paradigm, created and designed by TIOH congregants, led by us and for us.
We are exploring if and how a “Village” might suit us and what members would want: social, practical, recreational, educational… whatever! We want to listen to YOU and hear your thoughts for possibly building an enriching community for adults.

This summer, we are gathering small “listening groups” on Zoom. These will be short 1-hour conversations to assess interest and gather ideas to evaluate how best to support, stimulate and connect. We hope you participate! 
Would you please join us by clicking on the link below to choose a date and time that best works for you? 

Our very best wishes,

TIOH Village coordinating committee:

Michael Kaplan, Ricka Fisher, Susan Core, Ira Klein, Arnie Becker, Katie Klapper, Gordon Letter and Esther Weiss; and Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh

Click here to join a listening group

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