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Dani Modisett

Dani Klein Modisett is one of the newer members of the TIOH board and very happy to be of service to this community. She’s been a member of TIOH for nearly 20 years. Both of her sons were in the pre-school and the religious school. Having spent some of her formative years in Connecticut in the early 80’s where her parents – as post WWII Jewish people – had more of a “don’t tell if they don’t ask” approach to their religion, she never could have imagined that she would one day serve on a Temple board. She will be forever grateful to TIOH for helping her raise young men who are proud of being Jewish and for supporting her personal passion of creating community through shared laughter. She is the founder/CEO of Laughter On Call and the author of the books, “Take My Spouse, Please,” and “Afterbirth…stories you won’t read in a parenting magazine.”

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