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Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Sunday, November 29, 2021 (Jessy Lichter Maret, Director of Bay-Nimoy ECC)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, better known to many as RBG, is a hero and pioneer, standing as both a fierce feminist icon changing the path of women’s rights forever as well as for her illustrious career as a lawyer and supreme court justice. Once RBG determined (for herself of course!), that (she) “could do a lawyer’s job better than any other,” she promptly paved a path and graduated from both Harvard and Columbia.

As her practice began in the US Court System, it was clear that she was right; her ability to argue to the law was better than most others; the cases that Ginsburg tried and won were not only remarkable because of her skills throughout her arguments, but also because of her fearless leadership of guiding the courts to abandon legislation in relation to gender-based stereotyping. By guiding the courts to find resolve in having her male clients achieve equal rights, RBG ultimately forced the rights of women to the front line of thinking. RBG stands out as someone who shines a light on women, equality, and human rights.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I admire her:
1) She practiced law without pay
2) She achieved equal pay for women at Rutgers University
3) She co-founded multiple women’s rights projects
4) She refused to attend Red Mass and stood for abortion rights
5) RBG’s definition of Feminism- she fought for all genders

Happy Chanukah to everyone, may your light shine as bright!

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