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About Chloe and Maud

Internationally recognized tap dancers and graduates of Columbia University, Emmy Award Nominated sisters Chloé and Maud Arnold are a choreographing and producing duo. Their work has taken them worldwide to over 30 countries, allowing them to create opportunities to elevate and celebrate the Art of Tap Dancing through Film, TV, and live events. Revered for co-directing and producing the critically acclaimed DC Tap Festival for the past 12 years, the sisters were awarded the 33rd Annual DC Mayor’s Arts Awards for Excellence in Performing Arts in 2018 and were recognized by the US House of Representatives as arts preservers and ambassadors.

Widely known for their female Tap Dance Band, Syncopated Ladies, Chloé and Maud have amassed over 70 million views online. The duo made several appearances on The Ellen Show, Good Morning America, and So You Think You Can Dance, and have received praise from Beyoncé, Whoopi Goldberg on The View, Shonda Rhimes, Janet Jackson, as well as many other celebrities and news outlets around the world. In addition, the duo made history as the first African American women to sign a tap shoe deal with BLOCH, along with producing the documentary TAP WORLD.

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